A fleets can consist of ships of 4 different classes. You have 3 fleets in which you can organize your ships. A fleet is only complete if it has ships from all 4 classes.


You need at least one class 4 ship with a warp drive (for example a mothership) in your fleet to travel in deep space. Most class 4 ships can generate a warpfield around your fleet and open a hyperspace gateway through which the fleets travel.
when you loose all your warp capable ships in a fleet, this fleet hangs in space and can only return when you send another fleet with another warp-capable ship.


You can set the attitude to 'attack' , 'defense' or you can define your own secret attack-code.
all encountering fleets in space that have different attitudes fight against each other.
fleets with the same attitude stay in peace. Fleets with 'attack' attitude always attack all other fleets. Your planet always has a defensive attitude, so if you want others to help you they have to put their fleets on defense also, otherwise they would fight against your planet.


A cloaked fleet is invisible to other fleets and cannot fight.
you need at least one ship with a cloaking device to cloak your fleet.

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