basic research
infantry transport
infantry transport (class 2 ship)
Carries one infantry unit for colony battles

Attack/life: 0/10
Manpower: 4

Researchtime: 1 m
Buildingtime: 10 h

Needed research:
the genesis project

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
Related technologies:
  colony star

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admin: which kind of reinforcements are good against which?
- defense units are good against tanks, not so good against infantry units.
- defense units cannot attack!
- tank units are good against infantry units.

DarkCloud: Could it be like a rock paper scissors thing? infantry beats defense, defense beats tanks, tanks beats infantry? seems a little to simple for a game of this caliber :p or maby they could just make it like a tank, only cheaper. still seems unneeded unless given a better purpose. Besides it seems almost pointless to do anything with colonies at this point since it still takes away from the same manpower you use for ships. you dont even get points for colonies, just that "most tactical alliance" But even if you did get points for colonies you could just get even more points in a more cost effective way by using ships to get the black hole or by blowing up a planet
spacetrace: @DarkCloud
... we are playing this for weeks now... and it is really fun.
it is simple and straightforward but it has the potential to draw more players to the game (as it is the most valuable resource for the empire )

anyway ... simple rules means not that the game is easy to win (look at games like go)... so this is really about strategy and esp. organization...

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