The Helghast Empire

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The Helghast Empire created by Scolar Visari was a successful alliance that started January 2007. Scolar Visari created his alliance around a Playstation 2 game called KillZone. KillZone was a sci-fi first person shooter that was based on a war between Earth and it's sister colony Helghan.

The Helghast Empire (HE) held the score planets primarily. It was also to train newer player to fight against the true evil power, =Total Ownage=. Some members of the HE was DD, Jort, al12, and Star Commander for a brief period of time.

When the Helghast Empire started up, another alliance considered HE's rival, The Cyclon Empire joined. There was no arguing or fighting between these two advisories, but hope of emergence. But in the end it failed for both alliance's were to stubborn to give up what they had created and gone so far for.

The Helghast Empire closed it's doors on February 18th 2007 after the -TO- returned and the alliance broke up to join the New Generation to counter the -TO- presence. There will be a day it reopens.