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The Silver Sword Alliance [SSA] was an alliance that existed from ??? to ???.


The SSA, formed by well known forum member DinskyDude, was a Spacetrace alliance in mid 2006. The alliance saw many popular members come and go, DinskyDude, al12, and MicroJak. Aswell as the infamous, omnicat, who was a notourious spammer, and since his abusing of the forum, has not posted since.

The SSA like it's members had many ups and downs, and was commented for it's good awareness of new players, who regularly joined the Alliance, to start up. In many ways, The SSA was the first of it's kind; an unnofficial start up alliance. The alliance did have many wars, but one in particular was to be remembered.

'Tales of Another Broken Home' had created a new account, this was in the August of '06. His plan, and the SSA's, was to get a spy into the alliance Trailer Park, get the co-ordinates of the flag, and get SSA's flag back. Tales' plan did work out quite well at he start, his plead to get into Trailer Park was not denied, and soon he was a valid member of the alliance. However, within 3 hours of Tales getting the C-O of the flag, he was banned from the alliance, and the plan failed.

Tales of Another Broken Home, a.k.a MicroJak, went into the minus 10,000 scores, and his confidence plumeted. Shortly after, the alliance fused with the alliance Oden's Warriors, forming the alliance Oden's Sword. Most members went on exploring different areas in ST, further greatening their heights.

The SSA will be remembered for it's involvement in training newbies up, whatever their score was. A lot of people think the SSA was truly a credit to Spacetrace.

List of members

This list is incomplete. Please add to it, if possible.

  • Tales of Another Broken Home (Also known as MicroJak)
  • Rirfac of Iooill (Also known as al12)
  • Ioniron of Lilatotr (Also known as Dinskydude)
  •  ??? (Also known as Omnicat)