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during the first colony-wars between the kazuuula and the humans, a mad human professor (Shnessly Pusher) experimented with tiny robots to use them as a new special weapon. it all started very well, the so called "nanites" obeyed mr. Pusher and he managed it to develop them to powerfull war-robots with abilities far beyond all thoughts what robots could do. they cultivated themself and generated their own language; each robot knew what another robot thought and they developed specialized robots for maintenance, entertainment, their environment and, not to forget, warfare.

but nothing could last forever and thus came the day when they had to be used in "real action" - means the council of war tried to utilize them in war.

but, undiscovered and good planned, the nanites prepared for that day and managed it to crip their transportship and flew to a distant gas-planet to live autarchic and anti-pontifically. they dismantled their transportship and built a huge hive. from that day on, they were also known as the "ants" of the universe, because they are very industrious in collecting alloys from the outscirts of other solar systems to produce more of their kind. they became one of the 5 ruling races of the galaxy.


the picture shows a beautifull sector of the hive of the nanites.