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Humans are one of the five main races of Spacetrace.


In contrast to most other intelligent organisms in the galaxy, Humans developed from mammals and therefore they only have two arms. The disadvantages which result from this are: limited mobility, less strength (due to the liquid nature of their bodies, which is a consequence from the amount of water on their home planet) but they are well redeemed by their versatility. However other races had to give them the hyperspace technology, since they blocked their research in this direction by scientific dogmas.


Once galactic space travel was available to them, they traveled, marauding through space and destroyed a set of totally defenseless civilizations.

This phase of the maturation of mankind is known as the "hot phase". With the fall of the defenseless cultures, numerous mystical secrets of the universe were lost, so that the Mycilloids saw themselves forced to stop the Humans. After some devastating defeats, the Humans came to their senses and slowed down their destructive urge. However this could never be stopped completely.


The technology of human space travel is in a way classic and cannot deal very well with the high demands of living conditions which must be supplied for the spacemen. The temperature, air pressure as well as the atmospheric composition in their spaceships must be held in close tolerance to keep the sensitive Humans alive. Additionally the astronauts must be offered something of an entertainment program, otherwise they lose their motivation.

The Humans are still specialists in piracy and bounty hunting.


The picture shows the tactics of Humans during the "hot phase".

List of Human technologies