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e-rays are beings of pure energy. since pure energy spreads with the speed of light and normally the localbound existence of pure energy is not possible, the development of the e-rays civilization was only possible by an anomaly of quantums on their homeplanet. they evolved superconducting crystals wherein energy could be bound locally and permanently in quantum pots. thus a purely energetic lifeform could develop and form a whole civilization based on crystal constructions of very different types. space travel developed late, since the e-rays already had enough problems with their daily existence. they often had to deplore the disappearance of several photons from the quantum pots caused by the tunnel effect. because of their constitution they are durable spacemen and are very well suited to the conditions in space. there aren't many political problems in their organization, since there are many enlightened ones. other races of a rather physical nature react restrained which makes some e-rays very sad. the space technology of the e-rays is based on crystal constructions, which is the reason for compact structures on the one hand but prove as very inflexible on the other hand. the fact that the e-rays feel equally comfortable in every kind of crystal is very advantageous, whether on their home planet or in deepest space. the sickness "space tizziness", which is so much feared by other races, represents no problem for the e-rays. The tactical advantages of the e-rays are based particularly in the use of holographic deception maneuvers in space battles.

erays.jpg The picture left shows two e-rays during mating time