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core driver
core driver (class 4 ship)
A simplified, slow and less armoured mothership

Attack/life: 0/250
Manpower: 80

Speed: warp 1

Researchtime: 2 h
Buildingtime: 10 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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limsky: /pics/online/ships/coredriver.jpg

core driver (class 4 ship)
a simplified, slow and less armoured mothership

attack/life: 0/250
manpower: 80

speed: warp 1

researchtime: 2 h
buildingtime: 10 h

needed research:

battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)

it says "a simplified, slow and less armoured mothership"

We got the mothership, so what is the use of this lnferior mothership??"

zaphod: the core driver has less menpower, so you can built more ships with attack-points in your fleet!
Captain Starlight: You can deliver mantis with them too for less expense and they can make a cheap extra class 4 target in your base fleet.
the only thing they are not good for is long trips.
DaBlackMoB: a cheap ms for rescue missions at your base (if you are under attack you can save your ships)
SirTaz: There great little ms's to deliver the mantis like Captain said also to deliver a domstar or to use with the pioneer ship or as and exter ms to back up your base fleet or as DaBlackMob said as rescue ms for your ships
and one more thing but its not been added to the game yet :smile:
King Bugsey: They are used for doomstars,mantis's,and larger fleet, because you can fit more ships with out the 320 points of a MS to sum it up.
limsky: If I form a fleet with a core driver (MP 80), a Mantis (MP 350) and a doomstar (MP 2300), am I wasting my doomstar?
The battle start from class 1 to class 4. So when it reach class 3, my mantis destroy all class 4 ships. Therefore my doomstar is destroyed before it can create a black hole.
King Bugsey: Yes the Mantis would activate and destroy your doomstar losing you around 2.4k points..
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"in this article i want to present some underated ships and how you could use them.

core driver (class 4 ship)
a simplified, slow and less armoured mothership

attack/life: 0/250
manpower: 80 warp 1

first look: a mothership with warp 1 ? i would need days to go somewhere - WTH??

second look: ok ... it cost only 80mp - maybe this is useful to defend my base in emergency situation...

third look: oh wait , maybe there are situations where less speed could be useful. in a defense situtation at my base: for hyperdrop ship transfer - i will have a 5 times longer time window for ship movement - this could allow complex moves, that would be impossible with a ms.

This ship somehow tells the story of st too. for many things you have to take a closer look and sometime you may find some gems, like the core driver, which is just a brilliant ship."

vyor: all you need is a doomstar at your base for total anihalation. Noone notices 1 extra class 4, they think its just this thing, lol
Senor: Yes vyor, please keep a doomstar at your planet! I will come check it out with a single mothership soon ; )

On topic: Yes the Core Driver is an excellent ship to have at home. One of them costs just a bit more than a cruiser and gives you a huge maneuverability bonus when defending your planet. And even if you don't use it to drop ships then it still helps to shield your other c4 stuff.
vyor: will you senor?

I agree, still wont let you move too fast though. Even with wormhole and cronopods.
spacetrace: the core drive is so cool because it is so slow :)
vyor: :)8 :)8 :)8 I have never seen a fleet that was better with a slow and pathetic ship at the helm.
promethius2: I think we could improve the core driver by allowing it to stack.

2 Core Drivers = Warp 2
3 Core Drivers = Warp 3

Mothership = 320mp at warp 5
5 core drivers = 400mp at warp 5

Perhaps only a maximum of 5 Core Drivers per fleet?
spacetrace: it's a funny idea, but i like the CD like it is, maybe as another invention, with some extra fun :D
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