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SpaceTrace is a completely free real-time strategy game set in a simulated galaxy.

It has quite a steep learning curve, but once you master the battle mechanics, you are rewarded with a game that encourages creative and cooperative gameplay.

SpaceTrace offers a unique time management experience: the game mostly plays at a casual pace, but in a tense battle situation quick reflexes can mean everything.

It is a sandbox-style game, that is most fun when played cooperatively.

ST is essentially a classical browser game, but unlike others it has a real-time engine and real 3-dimensional vector arithmetics.

If you like strategy, you will love Spacetrace.
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kamikazethe kamikaze
under self destruction it deals 35 damage to one enemy ship, but also destroys two more ships of your own fleet.
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latest action in space: wormhole opening

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28.10.2020: airstrike
airstrike: Nippersfunpark -
bombed by: Fluff of Puff

27.10.2020: conquer
colony conquered Ransack Dod
by king of mycelium

26.10.2020: conquer
colony conquered Nipperskingdom
by king of mycelium

25.10.2020: terraformer
terraformer build on All U Need Is Evil Friends
by king of mycelium

25.10.2020: conquer
colony conquered All U Need Is Evil Friends
by king of mycelium

25.10.2020: airstrike
airstrike: All U Need Is Evil Friends -
bombed by: king of mycelium

24.10.2020: conquer
colony conquered Your Favourite Club
by king of mycelium

23.10.2020: conquer
colony conquered Nippersfunpark
by king of mycelium
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