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We want to add quest to the game - from easy to hard

the discussion in the forum:

let's brainstorm here, which could be the achievements. (maybe some more ideas from the featurelist)


  • start with preconstructed fleets
  • go into vacation-mode with a cloaking sphere
  • research all colony researches
  • research 10 different shiptypes
  • use an eye-in-the sky with the pyramid device
  • send a probe there
  • build a chrono mine
  • build an alliance-network
  • use transwarp-gates
  • cloak your fleet
  • use a wormhole
  • add a player to your com-list
  • recycle some ships
  • use the automated production queue, in-game-mailing, forum, IRC, Wiki , GNN-news magazine
  • change planet description with picture and homepage and sound packages
  • end newbie-protection

example: german tutorial quest


  • win a battle with your defensive battle station
  • win a battle without your defensive battle station
  • use DSPs while battling
  • colonize a planet/conquer a colony
  • use a wormhole
  • collect a chrono pod
  • pay a pirate with chrono pods
  • build an MTWG
  • for each fleet-setup or construction-aid-cards research all needed technologies
  • research all techs of your race
  • get ships from neutral planets
  • use 100 times a wormhole or TWG -> "sub-space mage"
  • recycle 1.000.000 ships -> "junkyard master"
  • build a wormhole


  • find and destroyed a TWG


  • be the leader of an alliance with 10 players
  • win 5 battles in a row
  • win a war against another alliance
  • steal a chrono pod from another alliance
  • drop ships from a flying fleet into a stationary one.
  • hold the black hole for x nr of days.
  • finish your era with x amount of points (this could range from easy to extremely hard. maybe from 5000 points to 200000 points)
  • espionage the alliance attack code of another alliance and use it in battle


  • homepage awards
  • become newbie helper
  • invent a new tech, that is placed on neutral planets
  • become translator admin for your language
  • become forum moderator
  • construct a preconstructed fleet or construction-aid-card
  • include your own javascript in IE or greasemonkey

galaxy quests

  • wormhole raid - pirates get points for destroying wormholes and colonists for building new ones
  • a supernova evolves at x/z/z - all players together have to bring 1.000 lowriders to condemn it - productiontime of lowriders is set to 1h for several days

already inmplemented


and a rating system for it . like novice, commander , admiral, grand admiral etc.

this could be motivating for newbies...

there were a lot of forum topics about this subject already, please post them here


by Jort:

Race 15

On a random time and at a random date, a top 10 player gets attacked by a specie called Race 15. No points are lost, but the planet gets cloaked. The Race 15 will automaticly kill all people on the planet, and replace them with members of their own kind, but the kind is geneticly improved. All communication will be offline when he is cloaked. Then the cloak disappears and his fleets are refilled with ships called Gerronides. The player that kills the Gerronides will receive 5000 points. Then, Race 15 will suddenly disappear and all the normal functions of the top 10 player will be restored.....

Attack of the Potatoes

On a random time and date, 10 players with positive score bases will be struck by a weird disease, that spreads around their planets and when someone is infected, he or she will get mutated into a half potatoe. When everybody is done with the mutating, the half-potatoes will get to the current ships, modify them and fly with warp 15 to the graviton pulsar. Everyone's fleets that are there will be infected with the Potatoe disease. Then, the fleets fly to the BH, taking everyone's fleets again. At the end the will go to the Graviton Pulsar and take, again, all the fleets. Then, all the ships form a group together, and explode. The alliance that holds 1 of the scoreplanets again, will receive 7.000 points. This will be for all scoreplanets.

The Farm

Once, on a planet, there was a farm. Suddenly a mothership came down in an emergency landing. The soldiers got outside the ships, and began to explore. The commander of the fleet waited days, and days, and days. After they didn't came after 200 days, he began to search for them. He came across the farm, and entered the house. He searched in every corner but suddenly he heard a strange noise. When he looked behind his back, he was attacked with a hammer on the back of his head..... When he woke up, he saw little people, just an inch long, dancing on his belly. They cutted of meat of his belly and used it for a barbeque. When the cutted of the flesh again he screamed, and all the little people runned and paniced away. The barbeque falls on his belly and sets his belly on fire. Then the little firemen came in. They had helicopters and they started fighting the fire. When the fire stopped, the commander was taken to the farm again. Then, the leader of the small people walked to his head. The leader poked him in the eye with his walking stick. He spoke to him: "As the leader of this people, the Gruccigajejeje, i order you to leave now." The commander spoke. "Well, little fu.cktard, i'm one of the Spartans and Spartans don't tolerate party's on their belly's. I'm gonna kick your little!" "Fu ck off!", the leader spoke and the leader poked him in the other eye. "Guards" called the Spartan Commander. Nobody answered. Then all the little people started to laugh at him. Suddenly a scout from another ship appeared. He threw a grenade and runned away. All the little people were killed, but the commander was still alive. "Boss??!?!?" the scout spoke. "Yes" said the commander. "Let's launch a pod to our kingdom. When they came to the kingdom, they found their homeworld ruined. The fu.cking 'It' was here appeared on a com-screen. We are going to planet 345-345PXX in system 55-99-PPiSs. The commander looked at the map and saw it was 8009440002888444374 LightYears away from their current position. "Holy c.rap! They must have thought it wasn't coming to there!"

At a random time.... The pod (a fighter) will travel from 500/500/51 to 400/600/500. It jumps from planet to planet. Somebody that has 5 Motherships in a fleet and goes to the pod, will receive 2500 points.

send out riddles too random players by Ratchet: riddles like:

De admin gets kidnapted by an ancient alliance ent hey send a riddle to every alliance with more than 1 player. In de riddle there is a message that gives the exect coords of where the admin is or the name of that pre-warp planet.

The alliance has to solve the riddle as fast as they can. When they solved the riddle. They get a golden DSP that they have to send to the planet (which is cloaked incase someone exedently passes that planet).

The DSP uncloaks the planet and gives the data of a normal DSP. Than the alliance who solved the riddle have to defeat the fleets that are there( also you have to use HQ invaders, not for the flag, but to free the admin).

Attack of the Empire! (by Knight of Truth)

  • Knight reads on dramatic tone*On servertime new years day, suddenly at 000/000/00 a large amount of fleets appear. They are from the Empire, a empire that dominates a galaxy close to the Milky Way. At warp 15, they go to the black hole at warp 15, coming closer every day, and attacking every planet they pass, MTWG's Wormhole Gates, and all ships and buildings are taken by the Empire. They disable your RC and SY for 3 days and all ships disappear. They look at your comlist and go to every planet on it, looking at his comlist, and so on. When they reach the black hole, they will ally with the alliance that currently has it and give it the flag of the #1 alliance. They will then go to the other scoreplanets and the alliance that holds the most scoreplanets will receive a 2500 points. They will then go to 999/999/99 and back to their Galaxy, attacking the other planets on the way. After the 3 days are done, everyone starts to prepare for next years coming...