Best impirial players

Conquered and founded
DaviAlan of ArcataCal [HFZ]14
Tronin of Tionation [MV]3

you have not conquered or founded any colonies

Greatest Empires

Colonies Population Score
Humboldt Free Zone    14    14 
Modus Vivendi    3    3 


Biggest colonies 

  Coordinates  ri  Population 
[HFZ] Nano Congo487/499/421/751
[HFZ] Nippersfunpark503/492/551/751
[HFZ] Nipperskingdom509/499/481/751
[HFZ] Nano Rock487/487/441/301
[HFZ] Nano Wolf488/492/431/281
[HFZ] Nano Pyros488/494/441/31
[HFZ] Almudena Lexotique504/497/411/221
[HFZ] Sir Tazmania492/500/461/301
[HFZ] Ransack Dod496/499/491/61
[HFZ] St Kilda Beach493/504/471/271