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terraformer (class 4 building)
Terraformer for colonies

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admin: you can build a terraformer on each colony if you have troopers there.
once the terraformer is built it will transform the colony during several weeks.
with terraforming the population of a colony starts growing.
the more terraforming is finished on a colony the more reinforcements will result for that colony

without terraforming, there is only a mining crew on the colony planet operational
Senor: is the starting number of reinforcements you get from a planet a fixed amount or is it different from different planets? and how much more reinforcements would a 100% terraformed planet give?

also. the game is really slow right now. at least for me its almost unplayable.

spacetrace: the reinforcements will not change with the population at the time.

But we are not ready adjusting the gameplay yet, but it can never hurt to have more :)