nano virus
nano virus (class 1 ship)
This virus can be transfered by a nanite plague ship. It destroys one ship. There is also a virus for class 2 and 3

Attack/life: 0/1

Buildingtime: 5 h


Battle details:
  1. modifies AP/LP by 0/-1100 of 1 ship of any ship-type in your own fleet in the same class
    battlemessage: "ship destroyed by a nano virus"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,self,1,this,all,+,0,-1100,ship destroyed by a nano virus,n)
  2. jams 0 ships in the enemy fleet in the class it fights with and you get back the initiative
    (battle engine syntax: jam,enemy,0,this)
  3. self destructs!
    (battle engine syntax: sd)

Related technologies:
nanite-technology plague ship

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KEPcH: Will the virusses act in the beginning of the next battle where they were transfered or will i have to wait till the end of each next classfight?
C.Kork: i think u have to wait for the next battle. so, send 2 fleet only seconds apart. that way you get the points easily and fast.
KEPcH: Dude.... I know they will only attack in the second battle, but...
Let me put it this way: Will my virusses attack in the beginning of the second battle or will i have to wait till the end of each classfight of the second battle.
Please, no senseless answers anymore!!

Rubens: hi kephch the nano virus only attack in the secon battle because they are self destruction but never you lose score with this beacuse a plague ship emites the nano virus destroyed or not destroyed so 100 class 1 ) 10 class 2 ) and 1 class 3,if the players have 99 fighters and 100 nanoviruses the nanoviruses self destruction and he lose 99 fighters but u re nanoviruses are completly destroyed so the plague ship always is destroyed, well no always but many times so if the player have a a fleet with 200 fighters 800 or more class 2 and 10 class 3 you send a fleet with a class 1, a class 2 and 2 plague ship and obvius amothership or time slipper or anything, then you send a second fleet but if youhave for example 10 apollo cruseros i recomend you send a class 1 a class 2 and a class 3 but if you wnat 7 apollo cruseros, and a major recontructor or only a mothership then if he attack first he lose the 200 fighters because the nanoviruses and you no lose the fighters after you lose a class 2 but he loss 20 class 2 then you lose a class 3 but he lose 2, and in the final of the battle you win a score of 400 aprox.. the best way to use the plague if when the player have many class 1 and class 2 and if you have amajor is very good. but remember you win 400 but before you lose 240. And to evite the nanoviruses you go to home and recycle this ships
Rubens: :grin: but remeber the nano viruses after they are relases they not only battle with you if already player attack after you first battle and before the second he have the beneficious, and the score
KEPcH: Thanks man!
Rubens: you welcome and thanks for you i not remember of this ship, so now i researching the plague ship is very good vs a example

1000 class 1 20 class 2 with 10 plague ship is goooood. And another thing the nanoviruses is how a cyclops he dont make damage he destroy. if the player have 500 sporator and 1 bulk fighter the nanoviruses destroy the bulk fighter :smile:
KEPcH: Is this normal?

your class 1 vs enemy class 1:
2 bulk fighters
884 fighters
600 nano viruses

2 bulk fighters vs 2 fighters
6 ships destroyed by a nano virus????

Why do only 6 fighters get destroyed if i sent 600 virusses to kill them??
your class 3 vs enemy class 2:
40 cruisers
38 destroyers
60 nano viruses

24 cruisers vs 24 destroyers
1 cruiser vs 1 nano virus

36 ships destroyed by a nano virus
They did destroy all the destroyers, why not all the 600 fighters???

Rubens: this can be a topic to the bug reports and as to admin fr wht ocure this. i think is how apollo crusero or cyclops or otherships. if the cyclops not be destroyed or best say not be attcked dont make damage maybe for this has ocure. but sinserily i dont know :)27
Achilles: I dont believe that it is a bug. The way I understand it is the nano-viruses act like ships in your fleet. They can be moved from fleet to fleet and can be recycled like your ships. They act in random order along with your fleets. When it is their turn they destroy one of your own ships.

The reason they did not destroy any more ships in your class one battle is that the battle ended before more had a chance to act. Once your entire class one was destroyed, the class battle was finished, leaving the nano viruses in his fleet unable to act.
KEPcH: So, if i get that right, and for example, he has 1000 class1, i should take 500 class1 fighters in my fleet for my 500 class1 virusses to attack?

Achilles: You still would not be guaranteed to get them all. Dont forget, the nano viruses act with his fleet. Once your class one was empty, the class battle ends. Only half of his fighters are required to have a turn before you are done. On average, half of the nano viruses will act then.

Of course, I have only dealt with nano viruses a few times, and most of the time I got away before a second battle. I may be wrong about some of this, but this is my understanding.
KEPcH: Thanks for the informations, mate! :)12
Rubens: Man i was just remember the ship and saw how bad was my english in that time...well it could be bad now, but not as bad as before:P

Even writing "he have" Kepch could understand me:P...

And well Achilles is right...i just will add the the power of nanoviruses is on kill c3 ships.

Anyway i am not here to say that i just want to say...does anyone know how do you jam 0 ships? Is that a little joke on the ship or what?XD
ycyr: it not a funny creation i dont wont this thing
admin: if you use clone labs each nano virus will consume one Manpower instead of 0
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