Kazuuula Pati

The Kazuuula Pati is a formerly flying insektoid lifeform, whose wings degenerate in an evolutionary process. In the primeval times the population was subdivided into many different tribes, which each developed their own physical characteristics represented by their different names. Red-eyed, big-headed kazuuula for example called themselves Kazuuula Sikka and were resident in the northern sectors of their world, while the long-legged Kazuuula Cadozu whith a violet resplendence dwelled on buildings on stakes within the equatorial area.
during the universal wars 4088-5129 kazuuulan time it came to a global reorientation and the foundation of a central government equally assigned by all kazuuulan tribes. Since then the Kazuuula, which since that time call themselves Kazuuula Pati, live peacefully together - although they are still strictly divided into tribes.
This coexistence was the basic condition for the development of interstellar transportation facilities whose development became soon the most urgent problem of the planet due to the immense growth of population of some kazuuula tribes. The kazuuulas scattered far and fast over the whole galaxy due to their successful policy of expansion so that many colonies lost contact to the homeworlds completely. The kazuuula prefer planets with damp and warm climates. Different gravity is no major problem. Their sturdy exoskeleton are stable up to 2,43 g.
the kazuuula originate from the planet Kazuuula Reda Prime. A planet 90% covered by water, which is not directly visible from space, because it is covered by aquatic plants high up to 70m. Meanwhile enormous building complexes loom up from the surface, some reach down to the floor of the ocean.
Kazuuulan historiography recorded 752 different religions and over 2543 Gods, which are not always to be assigned one sole religion. The kazuuulan planetary committee for religous questions finally reduced all religious activities to private purposes and abolished all religious holidays except three, because of the particularly chaotic states that there were too numerous religious holidays, churches and temples as well as times for people to pray and how.
Likewise many small temples and churches were closed and large religious centers were established, at which the followers can practice their different religous directions.
the kazuuula are mentioned very late in the historical books of the universe, as an early kazuuulan colonyship named "Kazuuul Salokki 43K" with 320 kazuuulans on board crashed into the sun of the Kima 7 system (meanwhile destroyed). A mycilloid probe recorded that the kazuuulan tried to land on the ocean planet Kima 7A. Further investigations of the mycilloid led to the first contact between the two races.

kazuuula technology:

basic researches:
emp technology
class 1:
sabotage fighter
fighter escort
lucy device
class 2:
flying saucer
parasite frigate
class 3:
plasma gunship
class 4:
fleet tender

they can also research the technology of the e-rays and the mycilloids, but with a longer researchtime.

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