The mycilloids developed from mushroom-like beings. Like everyone knows, mushrooms thrive particularly subterraneanly and only the spore states are visible as mushrooms. The way of life of the mycilloids and their civilization developed correspondingly.
something as a central nervous system is missing, so the evolution of a consciousness is not understandable for humanoids and similar species.
Therefore the communication with other races forms highly problematically, however, the problem was solved after that intergalactic war when there was developed an interface that allowed a connection between the mycell and an electronic device. Although the thoughts that are submitted with the this device are very difficult to understand since the form of existence of the mycilloids is very strange.
on their home planet the mycilloids live in the ground of the primeval forest covering half the planet. Since it did not appear to be necessary for their existence to use other technologies (that you could not actually find on their planet) it appeared to be mysterious how they could develop a space travel technology. Afterwards after the communication was established it was revealed, that the spaceships themselves where of biological origin to the biggest part. The mycilloids and a new hyperspace-capable race without a real consciousness form a symbiosis that enables them to practise space travel.
These biological spaceships are filled with soil wherein the mycilloids are dwelling. It is still unclear how the communication between the symbionts and the mycilloids is accomplished. It is not possible to specify how many individual mycilloids control one ship. Therefore the crew of the ships is measured in cubic metres of soil.
the mycilloids have an advantage through the use of ships which are regenerable by special reconstructor ships.

the picture shows the spore state of a mycilloid in its natural environment.

mycilloid technology:

basic researches:
class 1:
bulk fighter
class 2:
plasma emitter
graze reactor
combat reconstructor
class 3:
minor reconstructor
cloud cruiser
class 4:
major reconstructor

they can also research the technology of the kazuuula and the nanites, but with a longer researchtime.

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