Best impirial players

Conquered and founded
Fluff of Puff [Störche]39
DaviAlan of ArcataCal [HFZ]27

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Greatest Empires

Colonies Population Score
Humboldt Free Zone    16    277 
JG 472 Störche    22    58 


all colonies of JG 472 Störche      show best

  Coordinates  ri  Population 
[Störche] Almudena Lexotique504/497/419/2211
[Störche] Dullsville502/513/468/2311
[Störche] Dubbo497/519/536/178
[Störche] Paulus XXIV504/503/323/84
[Störche] Redneck509/506/473/84
[Störche] Nippersworld498/501/423/63
[Störche] Your Favourite Club491/496/512/53
[Störche] Massetopia Sunrise III507/484/482/53
[Störche] Ach Wie Ich Oh Toll489/501/511/22
[Störche] Almudena La Rebelle505/513/402/32
[Störche] Rockdogs Pleasure500/516/442/32
[Störche] Arrakis508/482/492/52
[Störche] Paulus XXV497/491/371/11
[Störche] Paulus XXVII503/486/381/21
[Störche] Almudena La Productrice516/506/571/21
[Störche] Rocky488/491/551/10
[Störche] Summer488/494/611/10
[Störche] Almudena La Fidele502/508/641/10
[Störche] Paulus Undecimus501/499/371/10
[Störche] Terro7509/494/401/10
[Störche] Jay514/510/421/10
[Störche] Unholy Land Of Spirits514/509/391/10