Best impirial players

Conquered and founded
Fluff of Puff [Störche]25
DaviAlan of ArcataCal [BZN]25
Aralagos of Merekil [AFO]8

you have not conquered or founded any colonies

Greatest Empires

Colonies Population Score
Blue Zone Nation    10    156 
JG 472 Störche    22    125 
Astral Forge of Oneiron    6    6 


all colonies of Astral Forge of Oneiron      show best

  Coordinates  ri  Population 
[AFO] Nippersfunpark503/492/551/11
[AFO] Arrakis508/482/491/11
[AFO] Nano Armor485/488/451/31
[AFO] Wizards Staff485/505/491/11
[AFO] All U Need Is Evil Friends483/494/501/21
[AFO] Rocky488/491/551/11