Best impirial players

Conquered and founded
Fluff of Puff [Störche]39
DaviAlan of ArcataCal [HFZ]27

you have not conquered or founded any colonies

Greatest Empires

Colonies Population Score
Humboldt Free Zone    16    279 
JG 472 Störche    22    58 


Biggest colonies 

  Coordinates  ri  Population 
[HFZ] Nippersfunpark503/492/5533/7544
[HFZ] Nipperskingdom509/499/4833/7544
[HFZ] Nano Congo487/499/4233/7543
[HFZ] Nano Rock487/487/4413/3017
[HFZ] Nano Wolf488/492/4313/2817
[HFZ] Sir Tazmania492/500/4613/3018
[HFZ] Wizards Staff485/505/4913/2917
[HFZ] St Kilda Beach493/504/4712/2716
[HFZ] Paulus XXVI501/486/3612/2816
[HFZ] Ransack Mine II496/505/6811/2715