Best impirial players

Conquered and founded
Fluff of Puff [Störche]34
DaviAlan of ArcataCal [BZN]25

you have not conquered or founded any colonies

Greatest Empires

Colonies Population Score
JG 472 Störche    32    708 
Blue Zone Nation    5    19 


Biggest colonies 

  Coordinates  ri  Population 
[Störche] Your Favourite Club491/496/5175/75100
[Störche] Nippersworld498/501/4275/75100
[Störche] 489/501/5130/3040
[Störche] Summer488/494/6130/3040
[Störche] Paulus Undecimus501/499/3729/2939
[Störche] Almudena La Rebelle505/513/4027/2736
[Störche] 492/500/4626/2635
[Störche] Almudena Lexotique504/497/4125/2534
[Störche] Redneck509/506/4724/2432
[Störche] Ransack Mine II496/505/6820/2027