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capture the flag rules
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Board Admin

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 Post Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 4:31 pm    Post subject: capture the flag rules
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the ctf implementation lead to some weird alliance structures, so we decided to implement new rules for ctf:

check out the updated rules here:


Original CtF rules:

1. Every alliance which has more than 2 members can capture flags and has a flag that can be captured. Your alliance-score will receive a bonus when 3 players are reached to compensate the safety of a 2-member alliance (that has no flag).(If you do not have more than 2 members and lost your flag during a period when you had more than 2 members, you are being punished by lack of organising skills as you cannot retrieve your own flag back anymore until you have more than 2 members)

2. The flag of the alliance is positioned in the intelligence station building which is held by the Flag Commander (FC). The first FC of a new alliance is the leader by default, but he can give this office to an alliance member of his choice. Changing the FC will take 3 days. The FC can't leave the alliance and the intelligence station is undestroyable. The FC has 50% extra manpower, to build ships, that can only be used in his 3rd fleet, which is called the "alliancefleet". The alliancefleet can only be used to defend his planet or the planets of his allies. Points made by this extra fleet will be given to the alliance points only.

3.In case you don't meet the requirements of [1], you still have an FC with his intelligence station because you could have a flag from someone else and loose the 3rd member (they should have a chance to get it back, see also )

4. because the FC can't leave the alliance he can gives his job up (an actual chosing of leader as flag commander, so leader can't give up (he can choose someone else though)) can't rechose the current flag commander as the new flag commander DURING the delay (to prevent a leader rechoose a flag commander that wants to give up his job) prevent a sudden alliance overtake the change of leaders will take 12 hours. Every time a (different) new leader should be set according to the votes, the delay is set.

7. To capture a flag you have to build an HQ-invader (which can be researched if you have researched transwarp-network) and sent it to the flag commander's base of the alliance from which you want to steal a flag. The HQ-invader releases 120 flag troopers and if you win the groundbattle and the last trooper is a flag trooper, then they will steal 1 flag in this order (if available): your own flag, their flag, another random flag they captured from a third alliance. When a flag is captured it will be sent instantly to your intelligence station

8. Your alliance's MoC will receive a message if:
- you capture a flag
- you loose a flag
- another alliance steals your flag from an alliance which already captured it
- a user leaves the alliance of you have the flag in possession
Each member get a message when
- an alliance claims a percentage
Further will an atention be shown in the alliance page if your flag is stolen and by who (the name of the alliance) and where you can find it (name of their flag commander)
And in the statistics you can see which alliances captures which flags

9. If you have captured a foreign alliance flag you get a percentage which your alliance's leader can claim from EACH MEMBER's score. (members with negative score's will return 0, so the total score your alliance can claim can be higher than the percentage of the alliance score)

10. This percentage that you can claim will rise after time. It starts with 1 % at the first day and is rises up to 20% which can be claimed from the 10th day on.

11. This percentage you can only claim if:
- you meet the conditions at [1]
- you have your own flag

12. The score you claimed will be distributed to all players in your alliance.

13. After claiming the score the flag will be returned to its owner.
this is the only allowed way to get back the flag! any exploiting of bugs, that allow getting back the flag without point-loss is treated as CHEATING!

14. your leader cannot ban or unban members if your alliance is not in control of its own flag. If you leave your alliance while your alliance is not in control of its flag you will loose the maximum percentage (20.0 %) of your score.

15. Votes on members who are in vacationmode will be ignored
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Board Admin
Board Admin

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 Post Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:27 am    Post subject:
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there is a discussion going on about the problem of banning a player when you are only 3 alliancemembers to drop below 3 to avoid the flag being captured right BEFORE it gets stolen here:
therefore the rules have to be bent soon
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Board Admin
Board Admin

Joined: 09 Jan 2002
Posts: 2938

 Post Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:56 am    Post subject:

new changes are:

The FLag Commander FC has an extra amount of mp (50% his normal mp) that he can use only to defend his base and the planets of his allies

admin wrote:
DragonLilly wrote:
He could use this in any combination up to 5000 MP leaving his other 2500 FC MP for use in a stationary fleet at his base or in his base fleet...

To sum it up: put a maximum flight cap on flying fleets of the players regular MP but use a combining factor for all fleets vs. just one...

your suggestion is good

and we will add one more: if you have exceeded the 5000 then you can use the rest only at your base or to help defending other members

so if 2 fleets total 5K and you wish to attack an other person then the other 2500 can only fly to ally bases or stay at your base...

you could even put in 5K into F1 and send a F2 to your ally and keep F3 at home splitting the 2500 in between your F2 and F3
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