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CGC's Thoughts

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 Post Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:32 pm    Post subject: CGC's Thoughts

I'm willing to work on my attitude... but all must know what stemmed the anger... so I quote one of my old posts... as this will exactly express CGC's thoughts and our feelings...

DragonLilly wrote:
Ok... now there is no call for calling me a horrible leader with no communication skills...

There is plenty of reasons why I've lost my cool on these forums...

It started with us winning the last era... by a landslide... so the whole XYZ war started to make sure we were worthy of the points... because they thought we 'farmed' most of them... yah sure we did... but only because a veteran player told us to do so...

8/26/2008 7:53:23 PM Spocko Says: active player can be mycilloid
8/26/2008 7:53:51 PM Spocko Says: send out DSPs all the time, swank the crap out of newbs and inactives

Now, with that said a player with much greater experience approved this matter... so we did it... only to find ourselves condemned for taking a veteran's advice...

Next, we get told from Shade of a very dirty tactic... the drop 2 tactic... needless to say we were condemned for that one as well which lead to changes...

Then, we see and have veteran players suggesting to use our evo'd out fleets to protect our FC... so we went ahead and did that one too... only to find ourselves condemned once again...

I think what spacegamer is getting at is what can the CGC do without being condemned for? We do the same things that aren't against the rules and done by veteran players themselves... there's only 2 rules right???

Because of the constant condemning of CGC's tactics this is what has caused me to be rather ignorant and using inappropriate language on these boards...

I have tried to stay away from these forums for the greater good... but the condemning of CGC still continued onward even without me stirring the pot...

I'm sorry that I let myself get out of hand on these boards but I'm not about to sit there and let my alliance get accused of stuff and take it... especially when I know that we weren't the first ones to use such a tactic... I tried to be nice... and then that faded as the constant condemning kept on happening towards CGC... which in turn made me not really care and become outraged... so needless to say yes I'm wrong there... but as LV put it... we were provoked... well at least I was...
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SpaceTrace Forum Forum Index » The weekly explorer » CGC's Thoughts
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